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About Me

I'm a cognitive neuroscientist with expertise in human learning and memory, looking to apply my analytical skills to push the limits of human learning.


I was born and raised in South Jersey. As a kid, I was passionately interested in music, science and nature. Within a year of entering college, I discovered neuroscience and quickly became enamored by the prospect of understanding human cognition in the context of experiment and data-driven analysis.

My new found interest in the brain eventually led me to Davis, California, to the lab of Dr. Charan Ranganath. Here, I learned the fundamentals of how memories are formed, and how to study the neural correlates of memory formation using brain imaging techniques such as fMRI and EEG.

After that, I obtained a PhD in Dr. Lila Davachi's lab at NYU studying how brain rhythms relate to the forming and structuring of new memories.

Now, I am a postdoc in Dr. Jeremy Manning's lab at Dartmouth College leveraging what I've learned about memory and the brain to create technologies that help us learn as efficiently as possible.


Dartmouth College - Postdoctoral Fellow

August 2016 - present

Research and development of technologies that facilitate efficient learning.

New York University - PhD Cognitive Neuroscience

Graduated: July 2016

My graduate research was focused on how synchronized brain activity (i.e. neural oscillations) contributes to memory formation. To do this, I primarily used EEG/MEG to measure electrical activity as people study some information, and then related the brain activity to whether or not the person remembers it on a later test. Simply put, my work investigates how the brain forms memories and what makes them stick.

Northeastern University - Bachelor of Science

Graduated: May 2009

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology from Northeastern University, concentrating my coursework and research in the field of behavioral neuroscience. What's unique about Northeastern is that classroom learning is interleaved with full-time "real-world" internships. On one such internship, I worked in a research lab that studied the impact of stress and drugs of abuse on learning and memory. It was here that my mild obsession with science and data analysis really began.



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